[Tagging] Architectural Monuments - ideas?

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 13:41:30 UTC 2014

2014-02-17 12:58 GMT+00:00 nounours77 <kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com>:
> Dear Clifford, dear Pierren,
> thanks for your thoughts. Here some answers
>> What/Who defines what is an Architectural Monument? When I think it is more
>> along the lines of what Wikipedia [1] defines as a monument.
> No, I'm not (specifically) talking about specific monuments created for commemoration purpose.
>> What I think
>> of as a building designed by famous architects,  it is more along the lines
>> of a Frank Gehry building. i.e. The  Guggenheim
>> Museum
> Yes, this I have in mind, and even "less important".
>> Can you clarify your proposal to help me better understand. (Pics would be
>> great.)
> Find 2 examples from the Basel-list under [1] and [2]
>> Also, do you mean an actual import? If so, please make sure the list is
>> licensed appropriately for OSM and you discuss on the import mailing list.
> Yes, I'm talking about a specific import. It's part of the import of the geodata of the State of Basel. Yes, we have explicit right to do so in written from the government authority [3]. No, I did not intend to discuss it on the import mailing list, since it's a very local import, I discussed it on the swiss-talk only.

I'm not going to jump on this but you will very likely be frowned upon
for not mentioning it to the imports list.

> Pieren:
>> More seriously, is it not something very subjective ? is OSM the right
>> place for such list ? At least, "heritage" [1] is based on something
>> "verifiable" [2].
> Yes, it is subjectively what is relevant enough to be tagged in OSM.
> The current list is a bit less subjective, since it's the official government list of the state of Basel which enumerates 36 buildings as being of architectural interest. Is this verifiable enough?

Ah! This official listing sounds much better, to me. You could perhaps
use "listed_status" as we do in the UK, if that is appropriate:

> Thinking of it, a solution might be to just create Wikipediapages for all of the 36 buildings (most are probably already there), and then set the wikipedia tag to the building? But would that no remove information, since there are so many wikipedia-tags, how can I get a map of all architectural monuments in a city?

You would need to combine the two datasets. One way of doing this is
via linked-data: dbpedia (which gives you data from wikipedia
about-boxes, and linkedgeodata which gives you OSM.


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