[Tagging] How to tag a public works facility ?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 10:51:21 UTC 2014

2014-02-21 14:22 GMT+01:00 Erik Johansson <erjohan at gmail.com>:

> I have now tagged such an area with
> landuse=depot
> barrier=fence
> depot=public_works
> (access=private maybe?)
> ok? (atm all on the same way)

I believe using the same geometry as line and as polygon at the same time
on the same object is a little bit problematic. Barrier=fence is supposed
to be a linear feature, while landuse and depot are probably areas. I'd
rather use a multipolygon for the latter and leave just the linear tags on
the way.

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