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Robin `ypid` Schneider ypid23 at aol.de
Tue Feb 25 14:49:28 UTC 2014

On 25.02.2014 15:24, Peter Wendorff wrote:
> Hi André,
> as far as I know, the same would be possible with
> opening_hours="24/7, Fr 14:00-22:00 off"
You almost got it. The use of a comma to separate rules does mean that the
second rule would be interpreted as additional rule (not overwriting the
previous one (to be exact the <day_list>, see
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:opening_hours:specification and to extend
its timerange) which does not make sense in the case of 24/7
(https://github.com/ypid/opening_hours.js#time-ranges) because it means 24 hours
7 days a week (of always) without exceptions.

I would recommend the following:
opening_hours="open; Fr 14:00-22:00 off"

You can test opening_hours here if you like:

> no need for an extra tag.
> Also keep in mind that two tags opening_hours and closing_hours are
> error prone when used both together at the same object.
I agree with Peter. This can already be described. No need for a second tag

> regards
> Peter
> Am 25.02.2014 14:50, schrieb André Pirard:
>> Hi,
>> I had to tag several parking lots closed on times such as *Fr 14:00-22:00* when 
>> the market took place there.
>> I raised a convoluted discussion: everyone had a different opinion about that 
>> tagging, plus strange comments (*).
>> After more than 10 hours spent in research and collaboration, I had to conclude 
>> with the inability of the Key:Opening_hours 
>> <http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Opening_hours> specification to express that timing, 
>> or explain it, at least simply.
>> I finally used a vary straightforward and clear:
>> *closing-hours=Fr 14:00-22:00*
>> and I suggest that you use it too and that you add that key to the specification.
>> It can be clearly explained, once won't hurt, as follows:
>> As often funnily put, /*closing-hours*/ is the same as /*opening-hours*/ except 
>> that it is exactly the opposite :-)
>> Seriously: use /*closing-hours*/ with the same rules as *opening-hours* and 
>> invert the result: opening time becomes closing time and conversely.
>> It couldn't be more simple, obvious and understandable.  Quite the opposite of 
>> that story.
>> May this be helpful,
>>   Cheers,
>> André.
>> (*) I read very strange statements such as:
>> "off" must not be defined, it must be grasped.
>> "off" is not used.
>> "off" is used, but not like that.
>> xxx, must not be defined because it has been used for a long time.
>> it's wrong.
>> it's wrong.
>> ... (without saying what's right)
>> etc, etc, etc...
>> In face of such chaos, I tried to help by putting the rules in a clear diagram 
>> so that the incongruities would stand out and be corrected, and the reactions 
>> were twofold:
>> - yeah, finally a simple and understandable explanation
>> - it's wrong, but again without saying more, less making corrections

Live long and prosper
Robin Schneider

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