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Tue Feb 25 15:47:37 UTC 2014

On 2014-02-25 16:00, Richard Welty wrote :
> On 2/25/14 9:08 AM, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Educational as they might be, it seems that the primary use of planetariums
>> from what I've seen is to get high and watch laser light shows.  I vote
>> leisure=planetarium.
> clearly not everyone has been there to see the busloads
> of elementary school kids who are actually the main visitors
> to planetariums.
> the Hayden Planetarium in NYC is perhaps an exception, but it
> offers a pretty significant science museum along side the
> planetarium itself.
There may be at least two kinds of planetariums.
Those operated by astrophysicists and/or space enthusiasts to spread
scientific knowledge.
Those operated by lighting engineers and possibly exhibiting acrobats.
The bottom line seems to me: if that's the case, should the OSM user
know which he finds?
Is it really necessary to confuse them or would the two kinds,
educational and leisure, make sense?
Or, finally, would the non educational aspect only be in the eyes of the



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