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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Feb 26 09:21:35 UTC 2014

Maybe, but speed limits/duty free allowances are things I would expect to need to know, and am probably unlikely to independently travel to a country that has a curfew.

This is going off the tagging issue, but it is a bit scarry that you are casually talking about curfews, where outside places like North Korea do they exist?

A curfew to me, as a brit equals being arrested/shot for being on the street after a certain time.

Phil (trigpoint)
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On 26/02/2014 8:51 Georg Feddern wrote:

Am 26.02.2014 09:19, schrieb Philip Barnes:

Surely you then need to define when curfew is, does it require a tag law=marshal? :) 
I don't think so - that's an info you should know or get as soon as you need it - wherever you are.
Like the maximum speed without explicit signage - wherever you are.
Or the tax free amount of travel goods. :)

A more real world example, where hours vary, would be open sunrise to sunset, which is often used for rural car parks. 

Yes - that's why opening_hours already support this. ;-)


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