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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Feb 26 12:12:15 UTC 2014

The time pubs close is called "closing time" in the UK.

There used to be a fixed 23:00 closing time, I can remember a time where I lived where the city pubs closed at 22:30 and county pubs 23:00.

These days England and Wales have 24 hour licensing, meaning pubs can apply for a license for up to 24 hours. In reality very few have 24 hour licenses, most in my experience are licensed until midnight or 1am. Each pub can be different though. There is no area rule in my experience.

I must admit I was surprised when the world cup opening hours came up, I had no idea that 23:00 closing time still existed.

Phil (trigpoint)
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On 26/02/2014 10:57 Georg Feddern wrote:

Am 26.02.2014 10:21, schrieb Philip Barnes:

This is going off the tagging issue, but it is a bit scarry that you are casually talking about curfews, where outside places like North Korea do they exist? 

A curfew to me, as a brit equals being arrested/shot for being on the street after a certain time. 
oh, sorry, this may be a translation problem - my fault.
I used curfew (resp. take it from Martins post and looked it up in an online dictionary) in the meaning of legal "closing time" - the time, where all pubs (in an area) have to be closing by law - if they do not pay for a late concession/licence.
In German(y) this is called "Sperrstunde" - this term can be used in the same civil/opening meaning for pubs - or in military as you stated above .
Actually I do not know, if or where this is still in usage for pubs here - no need for that actually :) -, but I can remember, it was still in usage for pubs in my lifetime.

I thought England (or maybe Great Britain) is still using this for pubs.
At least, as this seems to be a problem, that causes the Prime Minister to intervene! ;-)


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