[Tagging] origin of some fire_hydrant tagging

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Feb 26 12:23:54 UTC 2014

On 2/26/14 3:30 AM, Georg Feddern wrote:
> Am 25.02.2014 17:08, schrieb Richard Welty:
>> i'm wondering if anyone can speak to where the tagging
>> for fire_hydrant:type came from?
> AFAIK the Germans are guilty again - and I plea myself for not-guilty.
> ;-)
> (see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Fire_Hydrant
> and their history)
> And yes - pond does not really match a hydrant 'type' - the hydrant
> type there may be still a 'pillar' or an 'underground', less a 'wall'.
> Is it possible, that in UK/US the 'pillar' type is the norm and the
> 'underground' type is not wide spreaded?
my understanding that the classic plug (pillar in our tagging) is
used little if at all in the UK, but it is the norm for pressurized
water system deployments in the US. underground is the norm
in the UK.

> At least the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_hydrant uses the term
> 'post- or pillar-type fire hydrant'
> - but I do not know who wrote that.
i'm currently tinkering with what will be come a proposal to modify
current hydrant tagging.

my thinking is to add
and deprecate fire_hydrant:type=pond

then the issue is whether we want to modify fire_hydrant:type or
replace it with a different tag altogether, say fire_hydrant:delivery
if we keep type, should we replace pillar with plug or fire_plug or just
let that go.

i had a while back discussed updating tags for hydrants. i now
have a simple set that i'm using that seems to cover the cases i'm
encountering. here are colour: tags

colour already exists and in this context describes the main color
  of the hydrant (call it the barrel color)
colour:cap describes the color(s) of the caps on the hydrant if
  they differ from the body color
colour:bonnet describes the color of the top section if it differs
  from the body color (i had been using colour:top but it turns out
  that firefighters in the US call it the bonnet; since the hydrant type
  is rare or nonexistent in the UK i'd suggest going with US usage)
colour:reflective indicates the color of any reflective material applied
  to the hydrant

others of value (all prefixed with fire_hydrant:) :
capacity= <flow capacity in local units>
class={AA,A,B,C}    - American Water Works Association classification
       scheme, derived from capacity and may be easier to obtain
in_service={yes,no}   - this turns out to be a very real issue

the existing diameter tag remains as is, the diameter of the main
the hydrant is attached to. this measurement is commonly used
in both the US and UK.

things i haven't got tagging worked out for yet:

outlet diameters
outlet threads
number of outlets
wrench types
orientation (is the steamer connection perpendicular to the
  curb, which is common, or rotated 45 degrees, which affects
  the hookup procedure).


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