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Openstreetmap has been contributing to the Bitcoin revolution with this map:

the problem is that lots of online businesses want to get on the map, and I don't know what tags to suggest. Should we invent something like office=online? Then it could be further specified with online:shop=clothes, online=pizza_delivery, or something like that.

The experience at dmoz, the human edited directory, is akin to fighting the advance of a sand dune with a bucket.
Eventually the dmoz editors developed a fortress mentality, actively trying to fend off the hordes of spammers, scammers, sploggers, and the occasional legitimate business owner.

The "open" in "open streetmap" will become a liability, under the clutter of unverifiable submissions from business
that have no physical reality that is either relevant or verifiable.

Perhaps all online businesses can all be put on a island in the Antarctic.

A business that a second mapper can't verify exists (with a sign or mailbox entry) I strongly feel must be excluded.

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We are NOT mapping online-only activity. Attempting to place things like this on map is pointless and should be reverted as fast as possible to keep this from spreading.

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