[Tagging] Ski_jump_take_off

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Thu Jan 23 14:27:46 UTC 2014

On 23.01.2014 12:53, Richard Z. wrote:
> -1
> * sport=* is used for something different. His intention was to describe the 
>   details of a technical structure, not to say what kind of sport facility it is. 
>   Would you map ski-pistest with sport=*? How?

The sport=* tag is non-physical. It does not define what is there, but
for which sport(s) it is used for.

Quoting the wiki: "The sport=* tag is used to identify one or more
sports which can be played within or on some physical feature."

So if his intention is to describe a technical structure, rather than
what sport it is used for, then he has clearly picked the wrong key. If
any sport tag is used on the ramp at all, it has to be sport=ski_jumping.

> * 97 is a high percentage ski jump sites that were mapped. There is no reason 
>   to compare it with unrelated sports.

It uses the sport key in a way that violates its definition. That's why
it makes sense to consider how established that definition is.

> * sport=* is really lacking form many purposes, which is the reason that most
>   sports that can profit from detailed mapping don't use it.

If you do not like the definition of the sport key, then don't use that
key. If he wants to tag these things as leisure=ski_jumping_take_off and
omit the sport key entirely, that's fine with me.


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