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Consistence is a standard English word, but a relatively uncommon one, compared to consistency. It would be good to tag any hot springs that are caustic enough that you wouldn't want skin contact, whether due to acidity or alkalinity.

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On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 01:29:06PM +0000, Dan S wrote:
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> >> I have significantly changed https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Hot_Spring
> >> with the intention to revive the proposal - thanks for any comments and enhancments.
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> > Dear Richard,
> >
> > thanks for your initiative. I agree with your arguments why a specific tag "natural=hot_spring" is better than "natural=spring" and "temp=*". It is something different.
> >
> > Not sure about the word "consistence" which looks strange to me (but I'm not native).
> "consistence" is not standard English. You probably don't mean
> "consistency" either. "content"?

seems I am am bit archaic with my English. Content, composition, characteristics. 
Not required to be a detailed chemical analysis, a practical description like
mud, saltwater, freshwater, sulfuric water, mineral water. Possibly multivalued
with a list of the main minerals where notable.

Meanwhile I thought the same tag should be good to characterise the water quality of 
the oceans, the Dead sea, the Azov sea (if it still exists) and freshwater... would 
be a pitty not to have this.

So perhaps "water_characteristics" ?


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