[Tagging] Hot springs

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Mar 5 10:01:50 UTC 2014

Hi Richard,
Aren't volcanos exactly what geothermal refers to, only near or at the
surface instead of deep down in the earth?
IMHO geothermal refers to "using the thermal energy (aka heat) of the
earth", which of course in general is higher if you go deeper down, but
the temperature per depth is variable, and at a volcano you just get
high temperature even in low depths, but that's all.


Am 05.03.2014 10:37, schrieb Richard Z.:
>> > But I understand your wish to classify a spring a bit more detailed. I
>> > think it would be better to use additional tags for natural=spring.
>> > Eg. termal=yes or something similar.
> geothermal=yes would be closer. But in a strict sense this would exclude springs
> with volcanically heated water.
> Richard

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