[Tagging] Hot springs

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Mar 6 00:15:13 UTC 2014

Hi Richard,

Am 05.03.2014 21:50, schrieb Richard Z.:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 12:58:51PM -0600, John F. Eldredge wrote:
>> I don't see anything in that definition that says the heat from within the earth has to be a minimum distance below the surface in order to be classed as geothermal. Volcanism is a subset of geothermal, where the hot material is particularly close to the surface.
> sometimes it makes sense to distinguish whether something is identical or a subset
> of something.
That's true - but a very bad style for osm tagging, if you propose to
use the superset's name (geothermal) for the superset MINUS the subset,
so basically you propose to use the superset's name for a subset.

Reminds me at the ugly natural=tree issue some time ago, where
originally natural=tree referred to "outstanding", "landmark" or
"important" trees, which lead to trouble when other mappers started to
map "common" trees even in groups of trees or small "forests" one by one.

By the way: is it volcanic if and only if it's breaking through the
surface, or even in a geysir, or even where it's known to be some ten
meters below the surface? Where it get's volcanic?

Therefore I disagree about using geothermal for the subset not
containing volcanic activity. Use deep-earth-heat or whatever term for a
subset, or define a specialized subtag for the subsets (volcanic,
...(non-volcanic?), (others?)).


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