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Fri Mar 7 08:37:58 UTC 2014

> But I don't know the correct word to represent "Onsen" in English.
> Is "[something]=hot_spring_bath" better?

XX=hot_spring_bath would be perfect.

> I think, "Onsen" is the very unique word to represent "bathing amenity, that water from natural hot spring".
> So, I would like to hear the situations of other countries.

There is no single word in english that means onsen, so it would have to be several words at once. But there are other words that have been adopted (wadi, for example) to succinctly describe something that would need multiple words in english, so maybe they'll adopt the Japanese word here.

In the US, there are actually several onsens setup by Japanese people for Japanese tourists, but Americans don't know they exist. There are natural hot baths and springs (Murrieta Hot Springs in East Los Angeles, for example) but there is absolutely no culture of public hot spring bathing, nor locations easily available in the US, as opposed to a sauna/steam room or spa resorts that can be found in every major city. 

> > Martin
> > amenity=public_bath + subtag
> Thank you. It seems nice approach with no conflict to existing scheme.
> So detailed possible values are ...
> 1. bath:type = *
>  * [onsen or hot_spring_bath]
>  * [sento or not_from_spring]
>  * [foot_bath] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashiyu)

Sento is basically a bath from heated water, right? so basically amenity=public_bath, right?

For others reading this: Noting foot_bath is good, as they are usually are a (free) service offered in the front of the onsen to passerbys - a way to try the water without going inside, or in public areas. 
it's very shallow, and surrounded by seats, it's like a big sink, rather than a pool. Locating them (there's usually several in a hot spring resort town) is great for finding them when walking around a big resort area like Kusatsu or Ikaho. They are common throughout Japan, and there are several famous ones as well (like the one next to the hot springs in the center of town in Kusatsu). 

> (I'm not a native speaker, suggestions for more proper expression are welcome!)

I'm just learning Japanese here in Gunma.

> And, to represent existent of "Roten buro(open air bathing amenity)" or not, what about to use following tag?
> Like the key:open_air. (Although only 3 use.)
> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/open_air
> 2. bath:open_air = [yes|no]

Nice to tag open_air too. I went to an onsen in Toyama near the beach, and I was surprised there was no open air bath. having it tagged would be great.  

I hope that people here recognize how common Onsens are in Japan, How essential they are to domestic and international tourists, and they are distinct compared to any other bathing amenity (like a sauna).


> Cheers
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