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Well, to me, landuse=civic it is the land that public owned, public accessed facilities that not covered by a specific existing landuse (works, water treatment plant, school, landfill, highways, railways).

In the built environment (not natural), there are some *general* landuses, such as:

 - 4 private landuses (residential, industrial, commercial, retail) 

 - 1 Access restricted Public landuse (Military)

But absolutely no public built environment general definition landuses. 

I can choose a specific one for a school, university/college, hospital, landfill, park, recreation ground, airport, etc, but not for the administration offices and other public services provided by the government. They have no generic landuse of their own. 

- City/town halls, regional / national capital buildings, museum complexes, community centers, arts centers, courthouses, jails, pension offices, DMV, immigration offices, embassies, etc - All of the landuses that would fall under "commercial" if it was a private institution's offices. 

I think it it is necessary that hospitals and schools have a separate, specific landuse, Just like a quarry or a landfill, but there has to be a catchall to throw all the myriad of offices into. 

Now, there are building labels for these buildings, but not for the land surrounding them. 

In my old suburb of San Diego, I have never been inside the city hall, but it is part of the complex with the fire station, library, police station, post office, and other administrative offices.  All have their own building tags - but the landuse? that is a mystery.

There is also a community center with a pool, park, and little league field as well - I know how to tag the buildings, and the park's landuse,  but the majority of the land that the community center takes up isn't a park.

In Japan, people have to go to the city hall very often (for their mountains of paperwork), so the city offices are **very** heavily travelled local and regional landmarks. It's crazy.

While tagging these as I would a private office complex (building=commerical / landuse=commercial), I found that building=civic/public has no coorsponding landuse=civic/public tag, nothing remotely close.

And nothing existing fits unless I treat it as "commercial" - which it really isn't.

 Hence, landuse=civic. 


A public events venue, which offers a race track, performance venues, skyway, event parking, stadium, and multiple event halls is also a landuse=civic situation, unless another specific landuse tag (landuse=event) is made. Most of the "events" I'm familiar with are special events that take over a park, stadium, community center, or the main street of the town. 

The landuse of any stadium (a baseball/football stadium) , arena (San Deigo's "sports" arena), exposition hall / convention center (Moscone center, Javitz, or Tokyo Big Site), or other event area should then be landuse=event. There is no good specific landuse for them, just the general landuses of civic (public) or commercial (private).

 so I guess landuse=event is a good idea too. A 70,000 seat stadium isn't a recreation ground, a commercial or retail area, or a park, so landuse=event is pretty good. Having a color added to make it stick out from the map is a good idea too. 


On Mar 10, 2014, at 5:15 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Am 10/mar/2014 um 00:36 schrieb Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com>:
>> landuse=civic
> could you give some more examples what fits into this? 
> a public swimming pool? a courthouse? a library? a power station ? A wastewater treatment plant? the homeland security vehicle depot? a museum? a church? the federal money reserves? a government office? a fenced area where drinking water is monitored?
> what is the definition of "civic"?
> cheers,
> Martin
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