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> Well, any information you add does help. If you could use something
> more specific than "dirt" ("gravel" is more precise, for instance)

Not when the road is dirt as opposed to gravel. 

I live on a gravel road in Japan. My aunt lived on a dirt road in the US. She has since improved the road, and now it is a gravel road. 


This is the area around my aunt's house. Many of the driveways that were once dirt are now gravel or paved, due to new fire truck access laws.  

So most people have a gravel/asphalt/concrete driveway. but their property, and the backcountry of dry california is littered with dirt access roads that thread out into the countryside. 

Zoom in.  Drop into street view, though the dirt roads are hard to see from the street. There are plenty of concrete, asphalt, and gravel driveways, but there are also a ton of grade 2 "graded" and grade3 "doubletrack" dirt access roads. 

Not gravel, fine gravel, sand, asphalt, pavers, concrete, clay, cobblestones, grass pavers, clay, nor tephra - but dirt. 

Some kinds of roads are truly "dirt roads," just as some are sand. 

The question is:

Do you use "dirt" "earthen" or "soil" to describe them? I vote for dirt.  gravel is not an option. 

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