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Civil administration is surely hardly a land use. A council office is no
different to any other office. I suggest looking at planning zones and
their designations as a reference. Typically classifications like
residential, retail, commercial, industrial and agricultural are seen,
and changing the use of a parcel of land from one classification to
another is a serious process which doesn't happen very frequently (in
the big scheme of things). I don't expect so see the local plans define
a particular plot as "civil administration" as the specific land use
will be covered by one of the other classifications. The council can't
just knock down a council office building or a courthouse and replace it
with a highways yard in the middle of a city centre because they are all
the same "land use". 


On 2014-03-15 17:09, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: 

>> Am 14/mar/2014 um 00:54 schrieb johnw <johnw at mac.com>: I'm very interested to hear people's opinion on landuse=civic_admin It would be a landuse for townhalls and other capital buildings, Federal Buildings, DMV, courthouses, and other basic civic administrative offices where it is clearly a government building.
> maybe this is a language or cultural problem, but I'd consider neither courthouses nor government buildings "administration". Courthouses serve the Judiciary and administration is together with government the executive branch.
> cheers,
> Martin
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