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Yes, I agree firmness works better than stiffness for describing a surface.
I still would prefer a term that better characterizes what Fernando said
above: "To me, the idea [of] a firm/soft mixture seems closely related to
"how well maintained" the track/road is, as mixtures that are not so
quickly wear down and look 'poorly maintained'."

A poorly maintained road, or one that is not well engineered, or one
composed of loose, uncompacted materials will be much less durable than one
that has those characteristics. Consequently, I still think durability fits
the bill. I hesitate to bring this up but the discussion about
trafficability tried to rationalize the relationship between a highway's
surface, hardness, composition and smoothness and ran into similar problems
(David Bannon?)

FWIW, borrowing again from Fernando above I would reword the definitions as

grade1: "heavily compacted hardcore"
grade1: [Usually paved. If unpaved then a heavily compacted mixture of
materials (gravel, sand, earth, clay) that provide a fairly smooth, durable
and relatively weather-resistant surface.]
grade2: "unpaved (...) surface of gravel [a hard material] mixed with
varying amount of [soft materials] sand, silt and clay"
grade2: [Unpaved (...) surface of gravel mixed with a varying amount of
other materials and lightly compacted or rolled to provide a good surface.
Less durable or weather resistant than a grade1 track.]
grade3: "even mixture of hard and soft materials"
grade3" [Almost always an unpaved *dirt road*. A mixture of uncompacted
hard and soft materials providing a reasonable surface. Subject to moderate
degradation in bad weather. ]
grade4: "prominently with soil/sand/grass [soft materials], but with some
hard materials"
grade4: [A rougher unpaved dirt road with a mostly soft surface, poorly
maintained and not very durable. Rain and other bad weather degrade this
type of track rapidly.]
grade5: "lacking hard materials"
grade5: [A very rough unpaved track composed of loose, uncompacted, soft
materials often having a surface of grass and dirt, or, in wet weather,
mud. Not very durable — easily eroded.]

Other OSMers have amended this list to include grade6 and even grade7 for
tracks passable by 4WD or ATV only. What about those?

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Fernando Trebien <
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> "Firmness" sounds good to me:
> http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/firmness
> I know that "soundness" means the same but has some additional
> meanings (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/soundness),
> "firmness" is more specific.
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> >  Replacing 'stiffness'
> > with something else is absolutely fine with me.
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> > What about firmness? soundness?
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