[Tagging] surface=ground/dirt/earth

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 07:48:42 UTC 2014

> Am 20/mar/2014 um 06:53 schrieb Fernando Trebien <fernando.trebien at gmail.com>:
> Wondering if any country would be doing worse than Brazil in terms of
> road infrastructure, I found this:
> http://global.umich.edu/2014/02/worlds-most-dangerous-roads-are-in-africa-middle-east-latin-america/

OT here, but I'd expect the reasons for these not in the road quality but in the driving culture and car quality and the quality and structure of emergency services. whether you make an accident depends on you and the others driving according to the current conditions (road state, weather, visibility etc), and after you made the accident it will depend on the safety of your car and the emergency services whether you die or not (mostly).


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