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2014-03-23 20:25 GMT+01:00 vali <valije at gmail.com>:

> Of course no ordinary car is going to use those tracks. Keep in main the
> track definition:
> "Roads for agricultural use, forest tracks etc."
> Cars are not agricultural vehicles and they should not be used as a
> reference when we are talking about tracks. By agricultural vehicles, the
> main and almost exclusive vehicle that use those tracks I show pictures of,
> I mean:

this might depend heavily on the area/region. Please note that agricultural
use has few to do with agricultural vehicles, instead it is referring to
the use. Any car (or bike etc.) that goes to a field for agricultural
purposes is agricultural traffic, regardless its vehicle class. In some
areas like southern Germany you will find a lot of cars on tracks, areas
where the fields are very small and nowadays often not used as main
breadwinning, but for hobby, on weekends to relax, etc. (some of them are
on steep hills, with apple or other fruit trees, etc.).

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