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In the UK, particularly Scotland, it's a Bothy!




On 31/03/2014 04:14, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> In reading over a proposal in here for apartment sharing that included 
> a list of other tourism keys relating to lodging or accommodation that 
> included, among other remotely located shelters, the value 
> wilderness_hut. We have 60 such wilderness cabins and 4 ice huts in 
> Alaska managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. They are 
> scattered here and there in the wilds, have wood or oil heat, pit 
> toilets, bunks for up to 8 people, and are unreachable by the highway 
> system. Access is by hiking, or by boat or small plane.
> Alaska State Parks Public Use Cabins: 
> http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/index.htm
> See here for an example information webpage with reservation link at 
> the bottom: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/gulf.htm
> And one I recently placed on the OSM near Midtimber Lake
> Node: Midtimber Lake Cabin (2755176663)
>   Data Set: 95b38f
>   Edited at: <new object>
>   Edited by: <new object>
>   Version: 1
>   In changeset: 21410843
>   Tags:
>     "fee"="yes"
>     "building"="yes"
>     "source"="Bing"
>     "website"="http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/gulf.htm"
>     "name"="Midtimber Lake Cabin"
>     "tourism"="wilderness_hut"
>     "access"="public"
>     "operator"="Alaska Department of Natural Resources"
> I am proposing adding the words "typically not accessible from the 
> highway system" to the definition for wilderness_hut in the Map 
> Features; Tourism section. Currently it says: "A remote building with 
> fireplace intended to provide shelter and sleeping accommodation."
> Also I think the term fireplace is too restrictive. I would propose 
> "usually equipped with a heat source of some type"
> The complete definition might read:
> "A remote building usually equipped with a heat source of some type 
> and typically not accessible from the highway system intended to 
> provide shelter and sleeping accommodation."
> I use the words "typically" and "usually" because there are 722 
> instances of such huts and I do not know if those other places have 
> road access or not. The ones in Alaska do not.
> What do you think?
> Dave
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