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fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Sat May 3 14:12:24 UTC 2014

Your are totally right on splitting this key in parts. Thanks for
picking up another problem in our tagging system of forests and trees.

I remember the discussions about "species" until we finally got it right
and introduced "genus".


Am 02.05.2014 21:56, schrieb Rudolf Martin:
> Hi all,
> there are several tags to indicate vegetation with leaves, e.g. 
> "landuse=forest", "natural=wood", "natural=scrub", "natural=tree" and 
> others.
> Today we have one additional key "wood=" to describe the type of 
> leaves. This key is arguable. The oxford dictionary says: "wood = 1. 
> The hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or 
> branches of a tree or shrub. 2. (also woods) An area of land, smaller 
> than a forest, that is covered with growing trees."
> The usage of ''wood='' for the type of leaves is not suitable because 
> wood relates to the trunc, not to the leaves. Maybe it is suitable for 
> "natural=wood", but the key also relates to forest, trees, hedges and 
> shrubs.
> The values "wood=coniferous" and "wood=deciduous" are ambiguous. 
> ''Coniferous'' describes the kind of seeds, not the type of leaves, nor 
> the phenology. ''Deciduous'' describes the phenology, not the type of 
> leaves, but it seems that it is used for the leaftype.
> ''Coniferous'' stand for "cone-bearing seed plants with vascular 
> tissue". This plants are mostly needle-leafed, but there also exist 
> some with broad leaves.
> There is also the value "wood=evergreen" to describe the phenology, but 
> not the kind of leaves. This applies to needle-leaved and broad-leaved 
> plants.
> Other values are ''palm'', ''nipa_palm'', ''eucalypt'', ''filao'' and 
> ''casuarina''. 
> There is no tagging for evergreen broad-leaved plants (e.g. most trees 
> in the rain forest), nor for deciduous needle-leaved plants (e.g. 
> larchs).
> It is very complicated to include all combinations of leave type and 
> phenology in one key, especially in consideration that the phenology is 
> not known in every case.
> We need two distinct keys to describe the type and phenology of leaves, 
> suitable for all kind of plants and all kind of keys.
> It is advantageous to use new keys, to avoid confusion with changing 
> values of an already used key.
> Proposal:
> "leaf_type=" describes the type of leaves, such as broad-leaved or 
> needle-leaved.
> "leaf_cycle=" describes the phenology of leaves, such as evergreen or 
> deciduous. 
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/leaftype
> Rudolf
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