[Tagging] Rooftop parking -> new parking=rooftop value?

johnw johnw at mac.com
Tue Nov 11 05:38:48 UTC 2014

I’m not sure of other countries, but at least in the US, parking on top of retail structures is exceedingly rare - usually there are adjacent multi-story parking structures. It always seems that there is some kind of code or cost savings preventing it, always forcing it to be underground or lower level parking inside the building itself, which really isn’t mappable. 

In Japan, rooftop parking on multistory buildings (bottom floors are shops, and the roof is parking) is quite common.  sometimes there is more than one upper floor used for parking - it was such a surprise to find a 5 story Costco, with 2 bottom floors for the retail space, and the top 3 for car parking. 

With good satellite coverage, the roof lots are easily visible and taggable.

Most larger shopping malls, large retail stores, and even larger local shops all have rooftop parking, most with exposed (mappable) driveway ramp “bridges". that are also easily rendered. Several of the food markets in my small suburban town have rooftop parking. 

I assume there is a need to create a new parking=rooftop or similar tag, which can then be used to create more accurate renderers (perhaps by also placing the parking=rooftop tag onto the service=parking isle service roads, so they are similarly (translucently?) rendered. 

In parking’s wiki discussion page, rooftop was going to be suggested in 2009, as people were using the bridge=yes tag to get a render of a “parking lot bridge”, which is just mapping for the renderer. 


I want to tag these correctly, and then go to -carto and get them rendered correctly. 

Does the parking=rooftop value sound like a good idea, or is this something completely handled with layer=*?


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