[Tagging] Rooftop parking -> new parking=rooftop value?

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> Martin Koppenhoefer wrote on 11.11.2014 13:36:
>> 2014-11-11 12:53 GMT+01:00 Tobias Knerr
>>      On 11.11.2014 06:38, johnw wrote:
>>      > I assume there is a need to create a new parking=rooftop or similar tag, which can then be used to create more accurate renderers (perhaps by also placing the parking=rooftop tag onto the service=parking isle service roads, so they are similarly (translucently?) rendered.
>>      The issue of service roads already hints at a larger problem: There are
>>      many different things that can be on a rooftop, not just parking.
>>      Therefore, would prefer a generic tag that can be added to any feature,
>>      e.g. location=rooftop.
>> what about the "surface" value, isn't rooftop (only) parking covered by
>> parking=surface? I am not completely sure languagewise, and the wiki
>> doesn't give any definition for the values...
> Think of an stone building, with grass on top on which you can park your
> car. surface= has to be grass, not rooftop.

First Principle?
There is a thinking that what is seen from the air/satellite is what 
should be mapped.
However in a multistory buliding .. what are people coming to the 
building for? Should 'we' not map the purpose of the building rather 
than just the air/satellite view?For a shopping complex .. that would be 
each shop - location, name and serevice. Provision of parking may be 
important .. but it is not the most important thing. Only a single 
purpose parking complex has the sole function of providing parking.

Second .. Effort?
A miltistory thing will have many surfaces, one floor may be concrete, 
another carpet, another stone. Tagging these in some sensible way may be 
fine .. but how will they be used? And is it worth the effort? 
Considering the quality of the map in some parts of the world would not 
these efforts be better spent in improving the map elsewhere? :)

Presently considering a holiday in India .. and making editorials there 
to get the routing working (and adding things as I see them while doing 
those corrections).

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