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> On 2014-11-18 at 11:11:30 +0100, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> I'd make this "water:quality" and values potable | mineral | de:heilwasser
>> (or an English correspondent if available, or DE:heilwasser because it
>> refers to German legislation)
>> maybe also add "toxic" / "contaminated"(?), "non-potable"
>> not sure about "radioactive"?
> it would have been needed a few decades ago :)

heilwater = A healing water that can be used by drinking or for medical 

Here in Australia they generally go by the description 'spring water' 
for drinking or 'hot bath springs' ? for bathing. They cannot legally 
claim medical cures unless proven. And proving something legally is 

There is at least one naturally radioactive spring here. Not safe to 
drink nor camp near!

> more seriously, I believe that the interesting distinction in water
> quality below the potable point is
> * can be drinked after filtering
> * can be drinked after boling / sterilizing
> * too contaminated for easy treatment

Add * requires both filtering and then boiling/sterilizing before drinking

How about
"water:quality" and values potable |non-potable|unknown

The detail of the water may not be easily known .. so may be left off by most mappers. And how much filtering etc needs to be applied?
I think this comes down to a lot of local knowledge, current rain fall, dam releases and the user. So it may best be left off.

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