[Tagging] pipeline flow direction; was: Feature Proposal - RFC - Pipeline Extensions

Rainer F├╝genstein rfu at oudeis.org
Tue Nov 18 14:29:24 UTC 2014


TK> I'm certainly no pipeline expert, so forgive my ignorance. Does
TK> flow_direction=both mean that there actually is flow in both direction
TK> at the same time or does it alternate between flow directions?
the latter. the direction of the flow within the pipeline may be

TK> If the
TK> latter, perhaps a value could be chosen that better expresses this.
the original proposal was "loop=yes", because that's the technical
term used by the pipeline operators ("loop configuration").

TK> It should also be noted that flow_direction has been discussed as a tag
TK> for waterways, so if your definition leaves the door open for this
TK> potential use case, it would be quite helpful.

that was the reason to discard loop=* and adopt flow_direction -
to have a more generic term to also be used in other cases.

this raises one question: should the pipeline proposal be accepted,
will it be necessary to start another vote process for flow_direction?
or is it sufficient to just add the page to the wiki?


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