[Tagging] Various alt_name values?

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Thu Nov 27 11:18:43 UTC 2014


Big +1 for that. 

To me, solving it from the root means formalising the use of the
semicolon as a value separator, and cracking some hard nuts like how to
handle a legitimate semicolon in the data itself and how to handle the
quoting/escaping that that will involve. 

But let's do it once and once only, so it can be used consistently
across all the editors and consumers in our ecosystem. 

Usually any attempt at formalisation gets shot down in flames by the
"free-for-all tagging" advocates though so I have little hope for this. 


On 2014-11-27 12:01, Tom Pfeifer wrote: 

> Friedrich Volkmann wrote on 2014-11-27 03:38:
> On 26.11.2014 18:23, Brian Quinion wrote: At the moment nominatim supports alt_name_[0-9]+:<language_code>=<name> for alt names I've added this to the wiki Please don't document values supported by single applications. The wiki should represent values which are in use in the database, or approved by voting.

Documenting that a particular software has found a workaround for some
odd tagging
manifests and spreads the problem, instead of solving it from the root.


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