[Tagging] Various alt_name values?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 12:51:50 UTC 2014

2014-11-27 13:43 GMT+01:00 althio forum <althio.forum at gmail.com>:

> An ideal(?) scheme would apply to name=* so that:
> [name+1]=* is equivalent to alt_name=* and
> [name+2]=* is equivalent to alt_name_1/alt_name:1/alt_name1/[alt_name+1]=*.
> The same scheme should also apply to old_name=* because you can get
> several values [old_name+N]=*.
> And then, in particular for [old_name+N]=*, it would be nice to provide
> something for dates.

and don't we want that for int_name too? And for loc_name and nat_name?
What about reg_name?
for dates there are some values around like old_name:1933-1945

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