[Tagging] Public lands with designated parking lots

Eric Kidd emk.lists at randomhacks.net
Sun Oct 19 15:30:19 UTC 2014

I enjoy mapping nature reserves, large parks and trail systems. These
typically share a number of features:

   - They're physically adjacent to several roads, but they're only
   accessible from one or two.
   - They typically have one or more official parking areas, with
   information kiosks and trailheads.
   - They almost never have official street numbers.
   - They're often surrounded by poorly-surveyed, poorly-marked roads which
   make manual navigation hazardous.

For several illustrated examples, please see the wiki:

In an ideal world, there would be some way to clearly indicate "This is an
official parking lot for accessing this area/POI/business/etc."

Possibilities include:

   - amenity=parking with destination=*. This seems straightforward, but
   it's rarely used.
   - A relation linking the destination with its official parking lot(s).
   More complicated, but it might handle other odd cases.
   - Some way to associate a "preferred routing point" with an area (a bit
   hacky, frankly).

Does anybody have any suggestions? Are there existing conventions? Would
any OSM-based routing software be interested in delivering people to the
correct parking lot? Are there other related use cases?

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