[Tagging] [openstreetmap-carto] Drop rendering for landuse=field (#1074)

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Mon Oct 20 15:01:28 UTC 2014

2014-10-20 13:50 GMT+02:00 Rovastar <notifications at github.com>:

> Sorry for derailing this I know it should be on tagging.

+1, I copied tagging so we can continue ;-)

> Landcover is from what I can see a pet project of yours and with minimum
> adoption.

it is true that I have started using landcover and am advocating this (for
good reason I believe, because "landuse" is generally a tag about _use_ .
It is not a fictious word, but one with clear meaning, established in
cartography, urbanism, architecture etc. and deviating from the meaning is
not helping anybody. My aim is indeed to make mapping simpler and keep
inherent logics). And I recall precisely how landuse=grass was born in 2008
on the German ML (there were already people foreseeing what now apparently
has happened, asking to use a less generic value).

> Landcover=grass doesn't even have a wiki page.


And some taginfo usage stats on it
> landuse=grass
> 2012-Dec = 1,112
> 2013-July = 2,413
> 2014-October (Now) = 3,190
> So infact slowing in usage. It is a fringe tag at best and not in popular
> use despite a one man crusade to champion this.

honestly, I have mapped maybe 10 landcover=grass in all those years. While
I am pushing landcover=trees putting it on all tree covered areas that I
map (also because it really hurts to put landuse=forest on every small
patch of trees), I don't use the other landcover values a lot, so to me it
seems that there are indeed other mappers who have adopted this (despite
the sparse documentation you mentioned, there is only a proposal page).

You can see this also in this map:
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