[Tagging] How to tag severely destroyed forest track?

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 27 14:22:22 UTC 2014

I recently came across a track that was severely destroyed by heavy
foresting machinery.
(KNee-deep mud with tire tracks over a meter deep and wide.)

How to tag this?

It was no longer usable on foot or for any normal sized vehicle except
maybe tanks or said heavy machinery under normal conditions.

It may be usable on foot if dried out over a long time or if frozen.

tracktype does not offer a solution for this, as worse grades are described
as being closer to undisturbed nature, while the opposite is the case here.

sac_scale comes to mind, but this is a track not a path and it has nothing
to do with alpine hiking.

track_visibility does also not cover this, as these tracks are if anything
MORE visible now.

Even surface or smoothness can't describe this, as simply tagging this
bumpy and muddy does not do the situation justice. (And they are not picked
up by enough renders/routers, for which we of course do not tag.)

I wouldn't mind kicking them out of the highway= namespace altogether, as
they are no longer suitable for any travel at all, but I don't want to
delete them completely. They are still major landmarks / prominent features
and they may still be part of hiking routes or tagged with names/refs.
Also, they might become usable again and I don't want to lose the actual
position data.

Any ideas?

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