[Tagging] The "not-shops": industrial, industry, or business

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 21:39:10 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Sometimes shop=*, office=* and craft=* do not adequately cover all business
types. For example, I have mapped an industrial area that includes the
following businesses:

1. A fork lift truck hire company (business to business sales).
2. A commercial bakery selling to business producing goods in their
premises and delivering them to the customer.
3. A audio equipment company selling and hiring equipment to professional
broadcast companies.

In all three cases shop=* doesn't seem right as these are business to
business sales (b2b) and are often delivered rather than picked up by the

I have found 3 alternate tags in use. Does anyone have a preference for me
to formalise as a proposal?


I quite like business as it captures everything from conference suites to
fork lift truck hire. Having said that, the industrial tag is most used and
has an existing proposal page (but this suggests the tag is used as a
refinement to the landuse=industrial tag):


Any preferences before I spend time to write a proposal page?


p.s. The ultimate aim is to be able to add a tag so that we have clear data
in OSM (rather than just a name and address) and then file a request to get
the business name rendered as currently addr:housenumber is rendered in
preference to name (unless there is a tag such as craft/shop/office). This
is not a tagging for the render issue - we are missing a valuable tag to
describe the type of business.
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