[Tagging] English translations in non-english countries

johnw johnw at mac.com
Sat Sep 13 05:49:07 UTC 2014

been tagging a while in Japan, and a lot of larger infrastructure things - roads, motorways, train stations, have english names added in parenthesis, such as for 
Tokyo Station [東京駅] :

name=東京 (Tokyo)

There are hundreds of things that care labeled that way, I continued adding them for my area - and makes the basic set of the OSM data readable outside Japan - but Japanese names or English only maps would pull the clean render. 

I assumed this was a convention here in Japan, and I have been been working to look up the english tags and adding the English to the Japanese in the above format. 

Considering most large transportation places, even tollway exits, are clearly labeled in Japanese and English, this convention seemed a good solution for the general name. 

Today I noticed a professional and prolific tagger in my area has been deleting off all the english in parenthesis. 

Is there in OSM wide set for this? pulling all the default "(English)" labels off of an internationally focused map seems truly backwards. 

I know doing basic business tagging and whatnot may not need that, but for Transportation?

Whats the deal there?


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