[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - Reception Desk

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 01:02:26 UTC 2015


I have taken this back to the Draft status/stage.

There is not much of a change to the basic proposal amenity=reception_desk.

There is a much more verbose explanation of things .. like what key to use.

Summary of voting ..

Thank you all for voting. 38 votes is I hope a good representation.

21 for

17 against.

Of those against;
10 state it should not be an amenity key and most of those are for it 
being in the tourism key.
My failing there for not explaining that it has applications to offices, 
industries and educational areas where tourism is not an appropriate key.

1 says it needs more time.

1 says it is not necessarily a desk.
I have never come across one that was not a desk - telephone, public 
address system and sign in in all housed on a desk.

2 (with another supportive comment from someone else) says it should 
embedded in 'the indoor tagging scheme'.
The 'indoor tagging scheme'? That is going to have the same kind of 
problems with the tags for toilets, telephones, shops swimming pools, 
etc etc. The problem posed by this tag exists for many others and will 
need to be addressed by the indoor tagging system NOT by this tag 
alone.  The 'indoor tagging system' looks to be in evolution ... and 
will probably take some time before being generally accepted.

How is reception desk shown to be part of another feature? By its 
location in most instances. It has also been suggest that a site 
relation could be used. The site relation looks to be in some state of 
'proposed'... I could not hazard a guess as to when it will progress 
(proposed) relation

Also note the other proposal


I don't see how the problem can be addressed by the simple value of the 
proposed reception_desk .. particularly as it is a problem/solution for 
other things too?

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