[Tagging] Proposal: Rename wiki status "Approved" to "Published"

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 11:30:28 UTC 2015

On 3/04/2015 10:12 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
> -1
> 'Endorsed' is just another way of saying approved. We need to remove 
> this status that 'some authority' has given their blessing to use the 
> tag.

> 'Published' is a useful statement which demonstrates community 
> discussion and some consensus but nothing else.

'Reviewed' ... used in scientific publications  .. full words are 'peer 
reviewed' .. 'Reviewed' might be ok?
Means it has been seen by someone (usually more than one) and possibly 
had changes made before being 'published', 'endorsed' 'approved' ...

I do think the voting process is of value and should be accorded some worth.

  'Reviewed' might give the right impression?

Or may it be incorrectly interpreted to mean that the original has been 
changed since it was 'approved'? Or may be that is the right impression 
after all.

I don't think much of any of these words .. including 'reviewed' ... 
none of them to me says what 'we' do. Sorry.

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