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> Sounds good.
> Is there a similar dual entrance concept for other classes of building, or is this just a school thing?

besides the usual separation of visitor-customer / employee-staff / delivery-service entrances that exist at some places all over the world, none that I have seen. 

Which is why I’m suggesting the other missing two (visitor & employee). 

more info on the school entrances: 

Outside of school, the students are just customers (at a shop, restaurant, train station, bookstore, etc). 

At my high school in California ( and ones I have visited), do not have such entrances (it would be “main”).

But almost all K-12 schools (and even some preschools) here separate the students from the main entrance because:

a)  there is a student / teacher divide in almost all schools globally - staff rooms, teacher workrooms, and offices where the students are not supposed to access.  This separation extends to the building entrances in almost all Japanese schools. 

b) the shoe boxes for the students usually are very plain, but there are hundreds of them, arranged by grade and class, so it takes up a lot of room, and the entrances are made to accommodate a large number of students at a time. no features exist for guests to check in nor deliveries to be signed for. 

https://sutekisutekisuteki.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/img_1288.jpg <https://sutekisutekisuteki.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/img_1288.jpg> (google image searched image)

c) the main entrance is furnished for staff (nice shoe boxes), visitors (loaner slippers, artwork, reception_desk), and communication with visitors/ deliveries to the school via the office window, none of which are needed daily by the students. 

d) students would be in the way or noisy near the office window, so keeping them away from the entrance is a good idea. 

My school has two main buildings (connected by a covered walkway that is considered “indoors”, which is common in Japan.  The high school and middle school students have separate student entrances, and the whole school has only one “main” entrance. 



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> Many western buildings have a service entrance, but this would definitely not be for visitors.
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