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why would you not just use the access tag to define who can use the entrance?



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Tl;dr: suggesting: 
Entrance= student, employee, visitor 

In Japan (and I assume other Asian schools) there is a separation between The "main entrance" and the "student entrance". As you change shoes when you go indoors, every single primary, middle, and high school has a separate large entrance hall for students to enter and store their shoes. Students are not allowed to use the smaller main entrance, for teachers, deliveries, and guests. 

Sometimes they are separated by a good distance or on the other side of the building. 

Since we are mapping the entrance nodes for school buildings, and in Japan there are two different kinds of entrances (besides the entrance=service and standard entrance=yes that are used for doorways leading from building to building) I propose a value of entrance=student. This would apply to tens of thousands of nodes in Japan alone. 

We also have various other named kinds of entrances based loosely on access (emergency, home, service), so I'm also proposing 2 new types of entrances:


Often in corporate buildings and campuses, there are separate entrances for employees (not a back door or side door entrance=service) and a separate labeled one for visitors. 

This would not replace entrance=main in any way, as the big entrance to a hotel, school, theme park, or building often is used by everyone, so =main should continue to be used as such. 

entrance=visitors usually leads to amenity=reception_desk. 


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