[Tagging] New values for entrance=

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 6 13:01:55 UTC 2015

Am 06.04.2015 um 08:07 schrieb johnw:
>> On Apr 6, 2015, at 2:54 PM, jonathan at bigfatfrog67.me wrote:
>> why would you not just use the access tag to define who can use the entrance?
> entrance=* aleady defines the entrance by access type (emergency, delivery, main, service),  so it looks as if the entrance encodes the “title” of the entrance type already. 
> I want to add a couple missing ones that would allow entrance=* to cover most every entrance. 
> my school’s entrances would be:
> entrance=student
> access=private
> entrance=main
> access=yes
> as I understand it.

Do not know if people ever read the wiki page and the proposal before
inventing new values. As far as I remember the new values where never
mentioned on this list.

The proposal and the wiki clearly states to use access-tags, so there is
no use of entrance=delivery.

entrance=house does not make much sense either as the main entrance is
still the main entrance and all other entrances are either "yes" or

Even entrance=staircase seems to be problematic as it overlaps with
entrance=main and entrance=service.

All together I prefer to use access-tags or additional new tags but not
new values which overlap and make it difficult to find the proper value.

In case of the school entrances, are there any main entrances ? Where do
parents enter the building ?

cu fly

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