[Tagging] Straw pole Temperature=objective default unit?

Lukas Sommer sommerluk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 06:16:50 UTC 2015

> b) values would interpreted by region. Most of the world would be Celsius, USA would be Fahrenheit. (Similar to defaults for speed on roads.)

Please note that speed limits are _not_ interpreted by regions.
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:maxspeed states that the unit
has to be added explicitly when it’s not km/h – independent of the
region where you are mapping.

Region-dependent interpretation of units is IMHO a quite bad idea.

2015-04-09 5:41 GMT, Bryce Nesbitt <bryce2 at obviously.com>:
> How it's entered into the database, and how it's displayed, are two
> separate things.  Humans are messy.  Unless the API starts validating
> entries, entries will vary in format, even if we officially say that "46 C"
> is the official format.  But software can parse and normalize numbers.
> That said: temperature=___ is a problematic tag regardless of the
> formatting of the data.

Lukas Sommer

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