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Sorry for not answering for a while. I had/have to concentrate on my

As for bicycle=obligatory/mandatory, I can see why there is so much
objection for introducing a new value, but I still think that the current
use of bicycle=official/designated/yes is less optimal than it could be.

If some you feels up for it, I would like to hear your thoughts on the
following separated cycle way >>with and without<< the corresponding traffic

The way I see it, it is “official” and “designated” for cyclist in both
cases, at least from the wording. However, the question remains whether it
should also be tagged as “bicycle=official/designated” or “bicycle=yes” or
something else.

I would also like to ask you to considered the “normal” situation
e_and_foot_path.jpg) in the same way and in comparison to the stand-alone
cycle way.





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Hallo fellow mappers and bicycle enthusiasts, 

I have created a proposal to tag obligatory roadside cycle ways with


The proposals is in its early stages right now, but I would like to get your
ideas and comments already.

This value can be interpreted as an counterpart to bicycle=use_sidepath.

As this tag would replace bicycle=designated in a quite a few cases, I am
hoping for a lot of support from the community.

Happy mapping


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