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Florian LAINEZ winnerflo at free.fr
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Thanks for the feedback.
I am not expert at all on the topic therefore I am open to describe with
literal description.
I just double checked in my office (in France) and couldn't find easily any
"literal" mention. One the other way the class A and B were clearly
Therefore I think we will have to create a conversion table.

I tried to find an international standard for classes but couldn't find any.
Therefore what if, instead of mentioning the combustible (e.g. ordinary
combustible) we mention the powder.
After all, in OSM we try to describe the physical elements themselves, not
the use of them.

Therefore I propose the categories mentioned here
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_extinguisher#United_Kingdom that are :
water, foam, dry powder, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Wet chemical, Class D
powder, Halon 1211/BCF
An example would be fire_extinguisher_class=water instead of

2015-04-23 11:57 GMT+02:00 <phil at trigpoint.me.uk>:

> On Thu Apr 23 10:38:13 2015 GMT+0100, Florian LAINEZ wrote:
> > Hi, it's the first time I write to this mailing list, I am a french
> > contributor interested in train stations.
> >
> > I want to describe more precisely an extinguisher and I have seen the tag
> > emergency=fire_extinguisher that is used de facto.
> > What about adding some details regarding the type with
> fire_extinguisher=A
> > for an extinguisher class A?
> >
> > Please comment my proposal on the discussion page
> >
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:emergency%3Dfire_extinguisher
> > Have a good day
> >
> >
> Class A, B seems a bit confusing.  I would not be able to map this without
> reference to the wiki.
> I have just checked the office extinguishers and can instantly see one
> powder and one foam. Neither is labelled with a letter.
> Phil (trigpoint )
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