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The ones in Japan ( I have seen) are chains. Some routes are easily passible without chains, some are beyond vertical in spots with the chain to climb. And grandpas were climbing them with a pair of gloves. 

occasionally there were big anchor rings used as handholds. 

For the easier and crowded routes, no one out on the mountain in Japan had any safety gear beyond a pair of leather gloves. 

The The upper mountain routes were all serious climbing routes, beyond the help of chains. Signs warning of death by falling were at the entrances to these upper routes. A few people with climbing harnesses, helmets, and ropes were the only ones on those routes. 

The lower ones - with chains, with 20m diagonal slopes or 3m vertical drops on the trail (and 50m vertical drops off the sides) were being climbed by people in sneakers and garden gloves. 

So just because there are chains, it doesn’t mean that a person would have any additional gear. I was just carrying 10KG of camera gear for pictures. 


> On Apr 24, 2015, at 12:48 PM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
> On 24.04.2015 05:02, Warin wrote:
>> "The essence of a modern via ferrata is a steel cable which runs along
>> the route and is periodically (every 3 to 10 metres (9.8 to 32.8 ft))
>> fixed to the rock."
> So you certainly agree that this is safer than an unsecured path.
> Nevertheless, a ferrata cannot be defined by the cable, because not all
> ferratas are that "modern". E.g. the Wildenauersteig has no cable but rungs.
> Some ferratas have chains instead of cables because the chains do a better
> job withstanding rockfall, and they provide a better grip.
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