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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Thu Apr 30 00:37:33 UTC 2015

> On Apr 30, 2015, at 8:11 AM, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com> wrote:
>> I chose addr:housenumber because that's perfectly set up for routers....
> That sounds like “tagging for the renderer” to me. I find it distasteful to reuse part of the addr:* namespace for this but if it must be done then addr:unit is far more appropriate than addr:housenumber.


I know there are many camp sites that don't have official housenumbers, and that using :housenumber would allow for easy routing. 

But there are a lot of camp sites that do have housenumbers. 

And every single car camping site in Japan (which is a majority of camping sites with numbered pitches) will have a housenumber assigned to the camp-site *land* regardless of street names, because there are no residential street names (they use lot numbers rather than street numbers), and there are no housenumbers that are smaller than lot - so tagging in this way would be fundamentally against address tagging in Japan. You can't make up your own subdivisions. 

Region, city, village, neighborhood (or division #) - subdivision# - lot# 


Gunma Region, Kiryu city, Machi village, 4-12 (subdivision 4, lot #12).

You can't just tack on a -23 to show pitch number (4-12-23) because you feel like it. 

4-12-23 would then be interpreted as 4 being a large section division inside the village (which is common in Tokyo), subdivision 12 lot 23, which is really far away from 4-12. 

Even if the routing still worked (as only 23 is on the pitch), if it was rendered, then people visually navigating would assume that that is "lot 23" - not the address to the campground! And very narrow and tight neighborhoods have very tight lot numbers, so it would be thought that this array of camp pitches is merely an array of small Japanese houses - not a campground. I have seen neighborhoods with houses smaller than US camp pitches. 

Apartments, units, buildings, suites, and other such informal address numbers are not part of the housenumber system. 

Even in other countries, where the housenumber would be a tag on the area for the campground, why would there be additional housenumbers inside a single address!? 

Addr:unit=* is the best fit for what an individual pitch # is inside an individual campground, after that, ref=*


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