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Robin `ypid` Schneider ypid23 at aol.de
Thu Apr 30 16:28:36 UTC 2015

On 30.04.2015 18:04, phil at trigpoint.me.uk wrote:
> On Thu Apr 30 16:40:25 2015 GMT+0100, Michał Brzozowski wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Robin `ypid` Schneider <ypid23 at aol.de> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> As noted by "Ein Mapper" on [the current weekly task in Germany][1] it would be
>>> convenient to have an implicit "PH off" added to most opening_hours values
>>> during evaluation. I had not thought about this before but now that I do I agree
>>> more and more that this makes sense and wrote a proposal [2]. Any thoughts about
>>> this?
>> Don't be German-centric :-P (I know that basically everything closes
>> on public holidays in Germany). It really is another hoop to jump
>> through, another thing that we impose on data consumers of this
>> already potentially (edge cases) very elaborated tag. And while a
>> notion of SH/PH is rather well defined for a mapper in given country,
>> default closure in these days may be not. Another table to maintain.
>> It really makes more problems than it solves: is PH off supposed to
>> apply also to 24/7 features? E.g. convenience shop vs an outdoor ATM.

No as already documented under Example & Description. "PH off" for 24/7 would
make no sense.

> +1
> You would also have to define which public holidays, in the Uk Christmas Day and Easter Sunday have restrictions,  other public holidays are at the businesses discretion and will vary from year to year.
> Phil (trigpoint )

The definition of the public holidays is done once in the software which parses
the opening_hours value. See https://github.com/ypid/opening_hours.js#holidays

I understand your concerns. The reason for this proposal is to define a better
default. I expect that most countries have something like public holidays and
that most amenities are closed on those days.

Regarding the UK. The public holiday definition is still an open issue. Please
consider adding them to opening_hours.js. Also [bank holidays][BH] need to be
defined then.

E.g. convenience shop vs an outdoor ATM. That is a good point which I want to
find out in this discussion. In my initial proposal I suggested to apply the
implicit PH off to all objects with opening_hours. In case we come up with the
opinion that this proposal is ok, but only for amenity=* and shop=* for example,
I am not sure if I would still propose the implicit PH off then because this
might be too much rules.

PS: Sorry for the double post … Not sure why the * my Thunderbird does this.

[BH]: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Key:opening_hours#BH.3F

Live long and prosper
Robin Schneider

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