[Tagging] New Key capacity:*=n values

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sat Aug 1 12:29:14 UTC 2015


capacity=* (and access=*)  need to better match reality and have more values - and have existing popular values (including iD presets) documented. 

> On Aug 1, 2015, at 7:50 PM, Lauri Kytömaa <lkytomaa at gmail.com> wrote:
> In this the "disabled" is a group, i.e. a mode of transport as the
> wiki page calls them,

Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but this seems to be along the lines of access=customers - which is also widely used but undocumented on the access wiki (which is bizarre). access=emergency or similar is also undocumented (fire road, u-turn route through a median, etc) 

I want to say that only disabled vehicles can gain access through a barrier or use a parking isle. These vehicles are legally defined in many countries, and there are informal yet easily defined in other places (like Japan). 

This is similar to access=customers, where it is posted that only customers may use the parking lot, otherwise it is considered trespass (which is a legal thing) and in the US disabled parking is a legal definition with registrations, tags, and penalties - so that sounds similarly "legal" to me. If they are a legally separated  group, access better be able to deal with it - which is why access=customers came about and is a better and more easily understood value than "permissive" for many retail/commercial facilities (which is sooo many facilities) . A Conditional value is an exception to another state, whereas access=* is more direct about the state.


Seniors and priority is a grey area, but, as I stated, drivers over 75 are required to mark their vehicles with a symbol, and there are special parking spots for them in large facility. There should be some kind of accounting for them in the capacity:____=x format. (This is not about access=seniors) Any kind of defined and size /purpose separated  parking at a venue: bus, motorcycle, senior, pregnant, electric, (which has a value now - "charging"), taxi, or other marked and segregated parking  should be represented in capacity:*=x  **because that is what exists in the real world** - OSM should bend to reality and be consistent in its tagging for capacity:*=x otherwise people will tag around it and the documentation and implementation of the key will be worthless.

There should be no issue with tagging a giant parking lot as:

Capacity:motorcycle=8 (service areas on motorways have motorcycle spots - not mopeds or bicycles) 
Capacity:taxi=4 (there are reserved parking for taxis waiting to move to the taxi stand when there are no customers) 
Capacity:emergency=2 (police/parking/ambulance parking reserved)

Besides the police spots, I could tag a single large mall parking lot like that easily every 30km in Japan. 

Or breaking down the smaller lots (especially when they are separated by hedges/pathways from the main lot!) 


Seems straightforward. 


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