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Hi all,

Le 3 août 2015 06:11, "Tim Waters" <chippy2005 at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Is the idea to have a network map of an enclosed local loop? Is a loop
> a mappable thing in its own right and if so do you think that a local
> loop be represented as a relation perhaps?

The idea is to map some components of such local loops. Among them :
central offices and connection points (often enclosed in street cabinets).
Cables and households connections are very optional and may be hard to
describe and maintain in OSM.

A local loop in its whole may be represented as a relation if necessarily
(with several roles obviously)

> For street cabinets. Heat and sound. Are these side effects of the
> street cabinet?
> I pass one which sometimes in the warm weather you can hear a fan
> running, but in the winter I have not noticed any visible melting of
> ice around it, could it just be dependent on weather, or is it a
> permanent feature, I wonder?
> Would it be primarily heat found via touch so that blind people may be
> able to identify it better?
Heat and sound are optional tags for effects of cabinet itself (if the sun
only makes the cabinet unbearably hot in summer, heat=* shouldn't be used).
Users can add any details they found interesting in these keys.

All the best

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