[Tagging] highway=footway - Advanced definition: Distinction footway vs path

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>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Duck_tagging
> I would like that post burned onto the surface of the moon with a laser, so we can see it hanging ver our heads every night as we map and think of tagging schemes. 

you mean particularly this passage?

"'highway=cycleway' is just like this. It's a meaningful object. It means a path...."

highway=cycleway means a kind of path ;-)

While duck tagging works very good within the same culture and region, it bears at the same time the risk that mappers in different regions have different assumptions of what is implied by certain words. Eg the cycleway: in some parts of the world, cycleways implicitly allow pedestrians while in other parts they are implicitly banned. If all mappers just map cycleways and don't care for access restrictions for pedestrians we end up with the same tags meaning different things.

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