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On 21/08/2015 9:28 PM, Craig Allan wrote:
> type=husainiya
> type=hussainia
> type=ashurkhana
> type=imambargah
> *
> *I am a little concerned that there are different terms for the 
> amenity in different countries.
> We try to use English terms where possible, but I doubt its possible 
> in this case.
> So I accept an Arabic term, but which one...
> Is there one spelling or one term which the entire Islamic world would 
> understand? I need help on this.
> On the other hand, close enough is acceptable.
You remind me of T.E. Lawrence book 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom" ...
the proof writes complained
"Feisal is /spelled/ Faysul at random sometimes, for example; Jidda is 
Jeddah, " ... and many more examples...
His response was less than helpfull .. something along the lines of "I 
would have spelt them more numerous ways if I had the time."
He was demonstrating the less than precise interpretation from arabic to 
engish at the time.

You may find that in different countries the terms reflect the 
differences in the amenity. Thus the different terms may well be correct.
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