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I'll give you three real life examples. Two where landuse=religious should be used, one where it shouldn't.


My parents church is a rather (physically) large presbyterian church. It is a complex with a giant chapel building on a hill. There is one sign out front: church. 

The church grounds have a big parking lot. A "fellowship hall" used for speeches, parties, receptions, and events, and occasionally religious services, through there is no altar.
It has a small two story building built into the hill that act as storerooms and meeting rooms, and the bottom floor is used as a 2 room preschool, with a tiny playground. One room is used as a Sunday School room (religious services for kids). There is a grass quad, a fountain, and a small office building. 

All of the other buildings, stacked upon each other, would be about the size of the chapel. All the buildings are in support of activities of the church. There is no fence separating anything. they all share the quad, office, kitchen, and parking lot. The preschool is an amenity for the worshippers. 

So it sits on a single landuse=religious, with the POW on the chapel, and preschool point tagged on the building where the kids are (though it is administrated from the common office). There is a single entrance, a single driveway onto the one named landuse. 


The Asakusa Temple complex at Asakusa in Tokyo. 

This singularly named complex is full of POWs with unique names and different religions. The complex itself has a name and a known boundary, but the actual buildings are named differently. They're buddhist and shinto buildings (temples and pagodas), "gates", as well as several shrines to different deities, statues, a small garden, and a huge pedestrian area surrounding all the buildings. Almost any temple complex will have an "official" shop to buy reglious trinkets and seals directly from the temple, so there is some kind of gift shop tag there as well. 

This is on a single landuse=religious. All the different buildings themselves are individual POWs with different names and religion=*, and includes the pathway leading up from the temple entrance (a giant "gate" on the main street, the official temple entrance. 


 I teach at a private buddhist school. It is administrated by a large temple in town. The temple grounds are adjacent to, yet completely separate from the school. The school grounds are not used for religious services (beyond prayers that all religious schools do), and the school is open to all people to attend, and a couple thousand kids (totally unaffiliated with the temple itself) attend school there. 

This is a high school with 2 main buildings and two gymnasiums, and a separate middle school across the street with 2 main buildings. There is no POW in the schools, as they are not temples. 

The schools sit on amenity=school.
The temples across the street and across the river sit on landuse=religious. 


There are going to be facilities operated on church grounds that are there to support the church. These may be a small nursury school or shop selling trinkets, or the church office *in support of the church itself* But it is all on a single landuse. Conversely, because of history, some separate religious facilities were forced to share land, leading to complexes where many POWs share a single named facility. 

Landuse=religious covers the simple idea of the land a church or religious building sits on and the grass and parking lot around it (like a churchyard), a larger grounds where adjacent buildings and amenities are in support of the main church building (a playground or outdoor event space), and a large multi-building complex where many functions commonly found in a single church building are broken up by function (office, kitchen, preschool, etc) - but still exist on a single named landuse and support the main religious building. It also works where many POWs share a common facility. It is not meant to be a substitute  for operator. 

Disneyland sits on a single landuse, with kitchens, machine shops, garbage handling facilities, day care, security offices, and even train stations - all on a single "amusement park" area because all of those facilities support the park and sit on a single named landuse. 

The disney store in a mall is merely a
operated by disney,  just like my middle school is operated by the temple. 

The same differences can be seen in religious facilities as well.


> On Aug 21, 2015, at 7:53 PM, Andreas Goss <andig88 at t-online.de> wrote:
> In first though landuse=religious was supposed to be for all religious institution and include more than a church yard.
> Now I read...
>> landuse=religious is specifically meant for the area used by a religious facility and it's supporting or directly related amenities used for practicing the religion - not merely land that happens to be owned by a religious entity. Likewise, Facilities such asamenity=school or amenity=hospital that are not part of a primarily religious complex, or are not primarily a place of worship, but merely operated by a religious entity are represented with different tagging schemes
> Does this mean a school run by a monastry even on their grounds would not be included in landuse=religious?
> Is this this now really just become a replacement for churchyard to include more religions? Bascially limited to the area around a place of worship?
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