[Tagging] waterway=derelict_canal

Ruben Maes ruben.maes96 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 12:40:09 UTC 2015

Wednesday 26 August 2015 21:04:47, Andrew Errington:
> Curiously, the disadvantages of "disused=yes" seem rather contrived,
> and not really likely, whereas the disadvantages of "disused:*=*" seem
> quite genuine.  Not to mention that "disused=yes" is simpler, and very
> obvious to a human reader.

You're kidding, right?

To me it's clear that disused:*=* is better for things that are no longer what they were, e.g. disused:shop=*

If however you want to map a canal where the water is still present, I'm fine with waterway=canal, disused=yes since the feature is still a canal, even though it's no longer used.

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