[Tagging] waterway=derelict_canal

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Thu Aug 27 11:15:03 UTC 2015

On 26.08.2015 15:16, Chris Hill wrote:
> No, a pub that is closed is simply not open for business until it reopens
> the next day. A pub that is disused is no longer a pub.

What about a pub that is closed for 2 months? What's the limit? Anyway, we
have two points of view:

1) It's still a pub. In that case, use the amenity=pub key with adequate

2) It's no more a pub. In that case, just delete the amenity=pub tag.
There's no point in a disused:foo=bar namespace. That's either historical
mapping or hiding from the renderer, both of which are wrong in OSM.

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